Tennis before the Davis Cup: Marton Vosovic and his former coach are counting on each other again

Starting this Friday, the Hungarian Davis Cup team will compete with the French men’s tennis team in Tatabanya. InfoRádió also asked national team captain Zoltan Nagy about the players’ chances and the players’ condition.

“It won’t be an easy ride, that’s for sure. We were here in Australia a year ago, when it was also about qualifying for the World Group, and we ended up losing in a very close game, but I was so proud of my team, there was also a 2:1 lead after Doubles matches ”- reminiscent of the course of the fights against Australia.

Then, in September, the Hungarian national team played in the Davis Cup against Ukraine and managed to win, thus reaching the threshold of another chance against second-ranked France.

“We’re talking about a strong tennis country, they have ten top 100 players who, by definition, are capable of playing tennis at a very high level,” Opportunities stated.

He does not believe that achievement is necessary to win, but it is certain that players should bring their best skills to the best of their ability.

Zoltán Nagy promised, who believes it will be important to

From the first strike to the last, enjoy the support of the home crowd who play a huge part in this cup.

He also talked about the results and form of the players.

“In December, after a period of rest, the players started a solid foundation, and in January everyone started to compete. The good news is that everyone has been able to play a few games, and their level is getting better and better. Challenger semi-finalist, now Fábián Marozsán is included for the same reason, Márton Fucsovics, after winning the Challenger tournament at the beginning of the year, also played exceptionally well in Australia, improving his performance from match to match, reaching 32nd place. Zsombor Perros also started the year in Australia And he reached the finals of the qualifiers.

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He was a coach and he was a student

It may be hot that the paths of Marton Vukovic and Zoltán Nagy partly diverged in the fall, but the coach and student now depend on each other.

“We’ve been working together for three years, overall it’s been a successful period. There are no disagreements between us that would make it difficult to work together. Marcy is a good subject, a professional tennis player, we both trust each other, which I think will be essential in matches” – description the situation.

He also talked about the breakup: according to Marton Vosović, he may have felt he needed a new impetus to develop his career. He also had difficulties last year, but it seems that he managed to overcome them and renew himself. According to his hopes, Fucsovics will still be successful and will be able to stay in the top 100 until the end of his career.

Editorial photo: MTI/Boglárka Boglárka

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