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Ten things you can do for Earth

It tries to get to know the big world, while leaving an environmental footprint as small as possible.

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Attila Merig of Mez Mekövesd, but who lives in Vienna, took third place in the TEDxDanubia Countdown and E.ON joint sustainability video contest. Over a hundred independent artists submitted entries to the competition, which was announced in November and judged in December.

The feature of Attila Merig’s video was that he pledged to deliver ten things a normal person could do for Earth in three minutes. This includes conscious shopping, using less plastic, selective waste collection, eating environmentally friendly food, public transportation, or buying second-hand items. As there were many applicants, the first two winners focused on a topic, such as litter and the impact of climate change on birds.

He is also a volunteer

Attila Merig has lived, with minor interruptions, in Vienna for twelve years and is currently working as a bike courier, and also organizes World Traveler Club events in Vienna, where he tells travelers about their experiences. He himself volunteered, for example, in 2018 he did such work on a half-year trip around the world – China, New Zealand, Australia, North America and Iceland. He has been more active on YouTube for six years, sharing his films for the first time with the general public, but a year ago, during the quarantine period, he began conducting online video interviews with mostly Hungarians in Austria to inform the Viennese Hungarians about the virus. And closure and its effects.

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He met many new people, artists, scientists, researchers and young entrepreneurs who put their ideas there. At first, many introduced his circle of acquaintances, then acquaintances of his acquaintances followed him, recommending many of his attention, but he came across many people who were interviewed on the business community website. Today, he creates content on a daily basis, and in his videos, topics that affect society in the long term also appear, such as protecting the environment or combating waste, saving food and sharing food. But he also dealt with Vienna’s greening, city cooling, and building a new district designed in the name of environmental awareness.

Green themes and reducing waste are important to him, and he will pay more attention this year. Last year, an acquaintance invited me to TEDxDanubia and also convinced some of his acquaintances that they would be making a video as well. According to him, great videos have been created on a specific topic, with different levels of knowledge, style and technical solutions. He lit things that a person could do for his surroundings. As he said, Austria has long paid more attention to environmental protection, such as selective waste collection, but in Hungary, more and more people are trying to lead by example on YouTube, influencers and celebrities.

He hopes the epidemic will calm down this year and he will have the opportunity to travel as well. There are many places in Austria-Hungary that you would like to learn about, such as Őrség, but there are also places in the Borsod and Heves counties where you would like to go hiking, but your plans also include walking around Lake Balaton. He will take his trip abroad, where he will be accepted, and will definitely be vaccinated. He would like to travel to African sites, but there are also European regions that he has not visited yet or only a few have visited, such as several countries in the Balkans and Greece.

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(Cover photo: Attila Merig has been in many countries around the world, and he’s also a volunteer)

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