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Ten places on the podium from the finals of the Badminton Students Olympiad

Ten places on the podium from the finals of the Badminton Students Olympiad

Twenty-two students from Vijer County represented Donajváros, eighteen from Gárdonyi, three from the DSZC Commercial School, and one student from the Dózsa School.

According to Arpad Kohan, team captain from Gárdonys, the students from Nújváros achieved the top ten podium places with a really great and well-prepared game, two more teams reached the top six, and four individual competitors reached the top six. the top eight. Kerti Bennett won the championship title at II. Among the age group single beginners.

Other platform results from Dunaujváros.
Third. kcs. Girls Team: 3. Emilia Hella Kirti, Kitty Condor, Camilla Irene Naszados, Hannah Kitty Vardy.
Third. kcs. Boys Team: 3. Noel Curtie Bennett, Udam Andras Somogyi, Patrick Kovacs.
Arch. kcs. Boys Team: 3. Barna Keddar, Rabi Marcel, Martin Vince Vyxotka, Chapa Milan Zodor.
the first and the second. kcs. Boys’ Singles: 1. Curtie Bennett-Noel, 2. Patrick Kovacs.
the first and the second. kcs. Girl’s Single: 3. Hella Emilia Kirti and Kitty Condor.
Third. kcs. Single girl: 3. Hanna Yasmine Nagy.
Arch. kcs. Single Girl: 2. Condor Annette.
Arch. kcs. Boys’ Singles: 3. Chapa Milan Zodor.

The athletic trainers were Edina Horvat (DSZC Commercial and Technical School of Catering and Vocational Training School) and Arpad Kohan (Géza Gárdonyi Greek Catholic Primary School and AMI).

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