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Telex: Jyoziki: I’ve run playback once in my life

Telex: Jyoziki: I’ve run playback once in my life

But even then, it was only because his tonsils were so inflamed – Giuse Gaspar, also known as Giusecki, spoke about this In Moka on Thursday. Show Your Voice will premiere on TV2 on Saturday. Talent search show, the singer was invited on the occasion.

In Show Your Voice!, the jury has to decide who sings with their voice and who lip-syncs. According to Győző Gáspár, all competitors were able to overcome them.

On the other hand, he and the other two members of the romantic band, Katinkava Kunovic and Zsuzsy Volji, claim that he does not lip-sync.

“You can attack me, love me, or hate me; I’ve been in the public eye for 24 years, but I learned to sing in 24 years!” Gaspard said.

“We were streaming live, once there was a replay, but then my tonsils were really inflamed, but a lot!” he added.

According to the singer, it was not even indicated at the performance in Kisvarda that he was not singing, except when they got off the stage, and then the agent told him “Mr. Gaspard, you are very ill.” “Yes, I was very sick. That’s when I had my tonsils taken out, and I think that having your tonsils taken out at the age of over forty is the most dangerous and painful thing in life.”

Romantic announced his return in January this year. January was a busy month in the actor’s life, because at that time he received a Fidesz membership card, and in an interview with Telex he talked about how much Matti Kocsis loved him very much. In August, he told Blake that the Prime Minister was very happy with him at the Transit Festival.

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