Telekom indoor units will be renovated

Telekom indoor units will be renovated

Software outsourcing testing is in full swing for the important software release that may arrive in the foreseeable future (exactly when it is still being researched) for Magyar Telekom’s new in-house Android units launched last year – Read outlet.

The new stations were first introduced to end users only a year ago, specifically with the aim of replacing the outdated indoor units of the previous generation.

At the heart of the new software release is a completely revamped user interface tailored to the needs of the DT Group, which will be launched in large quantities in many of its subsidiaries in the future. The new interface focuses more on content recommendation systems than before, although for now only content included in Telekom’s linear or on-demand display will be included in the app’s opening page.

The new software will also make it easier to log into the device by eliminating the need to enter telecom account information to use the platform and automatically display the main menu automatically after booting up the system, which annoyed a large number of users based on feedback from Telekom.

In addition, the company will fill a huge gap with channel customization, which will also be part of the upgrade – with the release of the new software, Chromecast support for the platform will not be available yet, and Netflix and Telekom will continue to be the largest SVOD provider in the world. It will not install on android devices either.

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