After a long time, the speed of Apple smart watches may increase significantly: it is said that unlike before, this year’s Watch models may not receive their own processor, but a processor based on a chip already familiar from the iPhone 13.

The hardware capabilities of the Apple Watch haven’t improved significantly in recent years. The latest Watch 8 still has practically the same processor as the Series 6 and 7 — so there hasn’t been much progress in this area for years, mostly just changing the numbering of the chips, from S6 to S7 and S8.

However, this year this may change – Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg analyst who is well versed in Apple issues, shared information about this in the new issue. on his Discord channel. He claims that this year’s Apple Watch 9 will feature a new A15-based processor. This chip first appeared in the iPhone 13 series.

Gurman also pointed out that this all means a new processor, not a rebranding of the previous generation chip. When asked if it was an A15, he said he thought it was, A reports Mac rumors.

All of this should mean better speed and efficiency for the Watch 9, ensuring faster app loading and better uptime.

As mentioned, WatchOS 10 arriving this year can also dramatically change the interface of watches, as gadgets may arrive.

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However, no major changes are expected regarding the physical parameters of the watch, so this year’s Apple Watch can be renewed on the software and hardware front.


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