Microsoft’s new Windows Defender app helps you see how secure your devices are.

Microsoft has developed a new cross-platform security application to protect users. The Windows Defender It has become available not only for Windows PC but also for macOS, iOS and Android. Redmond has been using the Defender name for years for antivirus protection, but the current app is designed for individuals and works more like a kind of dashboard where we can monitor the protection of our devices.

The app requires a Microsoft 365 Family or Single Edition subscription. Most importantly, the features offered by Defender differ from platform to platform: for example, iOS and iPadOS do not have antivirus protection, but instead try to protect users from various online phishing attacks.

Android has antivirus protection, and the service tries to find malicious apps hiding on your device. It also scans links to protect users from phishing. Running Defender on Windows is more than just a management tool, so Windows Security continues to provide protection. Inside the app, you can see the work and status of antivirus software from Norton, McAfee and other vendors, for example.

Windows Defender also includes security warnings and tips, but the latter is only available on Windows or macOS computers. Microsoft promises to add more features to the app in the future.

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