Nobody expects a newly released operating system to be perfect. However, it is reassuring if the developer does not deny this and promise fixes.

Although Microsoft says that Windows 11 is designed to deliver the best possible performance on this device (and of course run it), many users say that the newer seems to be slower than Windows 10.

The good news for them is that – like a file Newwen Microsoft plans to make Windows 11 performance improvements a top priority next year. The Windows development team made a similar statement to reddit boardThey want to speed up Windows 11.

In 2022, we focus on performance. Much of this focuses on startup/launch performance. We are testing on-screen display of UI elements, and the good news is that most of the elements render very quickly. Of course, you also need to understand if there are specific issues with UI expansion / slowdown and look at their scenario,” Microsoft experts wrote.

Do we need this? We tried Windows 11

Microsoft has a lot of promises for its new operating system, but is it worth switching to Windows 11, and if so, when? We bring practical experience.

The next feature update for Windows 11 will certainly bring significant performance improvements, but there is no word yet on the specific schedule.

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