Hungarian astronomer Christian Sarnitsky discovered the asteroid just a few hours before it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

The first pieces of the asteroid 2024BX1 meteorite, discovered by a Hungarian astronomer at the last minute, have already been found just a few hours before it entered Earth's atmosphere.

Hungarian Meteorological Society On his Facebook page He also reported that professional Polish researchers found meteorites, and the publication also mentions the asteroid's material.

Interestingly, there have only been eight times in recent history that astronomers have detected an asteroid only when it was only a few hours away from entering Earth's atmosphere.

The eighth exploded over Berlin on January 21, and its discoverer was the Hungarian astronomer, Christian Szarnieczky, who discovered the object 2024BX1 at the Peskestitu Observatory.

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Sarnitsky's name appears in the news not for the first time, as he previously discovered the asteroid that exploded over the English Channel, and the first comet discovered in 2022 was named after him, and the discovery of the near-Earth asteroid 2022 FD1 is also connected to him.