It is still under study to inoculate it with a vaccine adapted to new viral variants, or with vaccines already in use so far.

Coronavirus – second year

It has been more than a year since the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of the emergence of a new rapidly spreading virus. Since then, there hasn’t been anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of the term Covid-19, and more and more people are mourning a relative or friend who ended up with the new disease while existence collapsed in weeks and our entire lives were rewritten from the pandemic. So far, vaccines have been completed, and this in turn raises not only hope, but also many questions, while not only stopping the virus, but also threatening another mutation. You can find the details of this battle in our series of articles.

In the United Kingdom, every resident over the age of 50 will be offered a third coronavirus vaccine in the fall to reduce the risk of infection by Christmas. times.

According to government sources, the newspaper is now looking at the most effective way to vaccinate the most vulnerable age groups so that the number of infected people does not rise again in the winter.

a Times Under the leadership of the British Chief Medical Officer, it is now being examined whether it will be sufficient for patients to receive another dose of the vaccine already in use (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna) or whether they should be vaccinated with a modified vaccine that has been adapted to the new virus variants.

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Incidentally, the British government has already ordered 60 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech for the sole purpose of giving these doses to the general public as a third dose of the first two doses.

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There have been very few Coronavirus victims in the UK since last summer


In the 24 hours that ended Sunday evening, 82 patients were reported to have died. According to the health minister, the improvement in data is due to vaccinations.

Vaccine discussions are strengthening supporters of Brexit in the UK

Miklos LingelEconomie

Bloomberg, who has assessed the impact of the first 100 days, says Britain’s successful vaccination campaign, Brussels’ troubles in this area put Britain’s exit from the European Union in favor of a growing segment of the public.