Cloud-based Windows 365 is available for a monthly fee, but Microsoft also offers a free version so users can try it out for free. Those interested jumped on it immediately.

Lots of people jumped on it Free Windows 365He wrote that Microsoft had to close the option after a day because the servers could no longer withstand the sudden attack. the edge.

Windows 365 is a cloud-based computer from software vendor Redmond that users can access remotely for a set monthly fee. Subscribers do not receive the device or any other device, only the Windows 10 environment that is operated by the company.

The cloud-based option can be especially useful for those who do not have a modern and powerful enough computer or software that can be found in most Windows computers. Another advantage of Windows 365 is that it not only gives you access to these programs, but it can accommodate almost any device – so you can access many devices even from a single tablet.

Microsoft has also announced a free trial period before the official launch, which can be applied for through the appropriate channels. However, this ended after only a day as many indicated their need. It is not clear the exact size of the circle, in any case, the fit is well explained by the fact that the advertised free places

They sold out in just 24 hours.

It is not known if Microsoft will provide a similar opportunity in the future.

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Windows 365 is very expensive anyway. A single-core machine with only 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage can be rented for $6000 per month. For more advanced configurations (including 32 GB of RAM, 512 GB of free space) you need to put 40-50 thousand forints on the table. The same way every month.

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