In two years, sightings of “unidentified celestial phenomena” (UAP) in the United States have increased 3.5-fold, with most of them occurring in protected airspace.

In 2021, the CIA published a report on UFOs in which it wrote of a total of 144 sightings of “unidentified celestial phenomena” (UAP). Most of the detections occurred between 2019 and 2021, after the US Navy introduced a standardized reporting mechanism.

The system appears to be working very well, at least if we believe the latest published data. the BBC According to his report, and according to the latest intelligence data, there have already been reports of 510 sightings.

Experts consider nearly half of the new “encounters” to be uninteresting and of human origin, but the report also revealed that 171 of them remained unexplained. According to the text, most of the UAP operations took place in protected airspace, which is troubling, to say the least, from a national security standpoint.

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Of the 366 sightings, 26 were attributed to drones, 163 to some type of balloon, while six were due to interference. However, not enough information was collected on the remaining 171 to know exactly what the detectors were dealing with.

“Some UAPs exhibited unusual flight or performance characteristics and therefore require further analysis,” the document reads. At the same time, the report confirms this

None of the sightings are linked to extraterrestrial activity.

The report is being investigated by the Pentagon. Ronald Moultrie, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, recently said that he had not yet found any reports of aliens visiting. At the same time, he stressed that if they could not determine exactly what the phenomenon was, they would automatically consider it hostile.

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