Of course this is not possible, the image was made by post-editing to show the different times of the day. But the scene still speaks for itself.

NASA’s Mars Patrol also captured two landscape images on November 16, Mars Day 3299 in the structure, once at about 9 a.m. and once at 4 p.m. The resulting images are originally black and white they were, but has been colorized by the NASA crew with subsequent modification. As a result, one image shows the alternation of times of day Mars and the resulting yellowish and bluish world.

The photo also shows the side of Mount Sharp, which is 5,000 meters high, while hills and sand dunes can be captured in front of the structure. To the right, you can see Mount Rafael Navarro, named after a Curiosity team researcher who died this year.

Pedestrians on Mars have been exploring the 154-kilometre-wide Gale Crater since 2012.

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