The newly discovered spiders, which do not even weave webs, are mostly nocturnal, and it has taken several decades to describe all the specimens.

Good for science, but a nightmare for people who hate spiders A new study describes 48 species of spiders newly discovered in Australia, all of which belong to the family Miturgidae. (In the opening image of our article, one of the newly discovered spiders, A Metorgopylma parui Visible.)

Not surprisingly, the detailed description and classification of dozens of new species would take decades. The situation is further complicated by the fact that since the French naturalist Eugène Simon first described the nanny in 1886, many species have been added or even reclassified elsewhere.

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Incidentally, the newly discovered species lives in dry habitats in Australia and does not weave webs – they are mostly nocturnal and hunt, so they spend the night on the ground in their habitat.

A previously unknown spider has been found on the Great Plains

On the Great Plain, numerous patches of forest-steppe and hills protect ancient wildlife like islands. These two types of highly fragmented habitats – found only in small patches – were examined and Hungarian experts came up with interesting results.

Naming the 48 new arthropods cannot be called an easy task either, but experts have named them after famous scientists and well-known people in the world of science. IFL Science.

Names and descriptions of all new species a Zotaxa It can be read in a study published in a journal.

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