The car, called the Vision AVTR by the company, is no longer ordinary in appearance, but the real surprise is when you sit inside.

Literally, the Mercedes-Benz just introduced is mind-reading: the concept called the Vision AVTR has a head-mounted device that can be used to control certain functions of the car. The futuristic car can be seen and tested at the IAA Mobility 2021 exhibition in Munich.

a daily Mail According to the thought control function, it is provided by a brain-computer interface that can be used after boarding the plane. It’s actually a helmet-like device that follows brainwaves to decode which part of the car the driver wants to use.

Ideas can be used to control the radio, take a phone call, and roll a car window.

The system monitors the neural activity of the cerebral cortex in real time, and thus learns what the driver is thinking, and what he wants to activate. Next, the device, in possession of the appropriate information, directs the desired function.

The Vision AVTR was first heard at the 2020 CES Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but it can also be tried at the IAA in Munich. According to Mercedes, the device performs a short calibration (about one minute) before each use. There is no push button or screen on the device, everything is controlled by brain waves. By the way, technology is Oscar-winning James Cameron symbol picture Inspired by his movie.

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For now, the future car that uses the technology only exists at the concept level, it won’t be commercially available, nor will the hardware in it.

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