LG, in collaboration with Playmobil, has presented its exclusive range of LG-themed games. The new figurines and home appliances for gaming will be available starting next year in a number of online and offline events, which, according to the company’s announcement, are in line with the company’s goal of creating unique and innovative customer experiences.

The three characters born from the collaboration between the South Korean electronics company and the German toy manufacturer – Henry, Nora and JJ – were presented at IFA 2022 in Berlin, in the Lifestyle area of ​​the company’s booth, in the company of LG’s latest products. Premium class home appliances.

In order for the trio to live in a truly comfortable gaming world, they also created miniature versions of LG’s home appliances, including several washing machines, InstaView ovens, InstaView refrigerators, and WashTower.

The manufacturer promises that figurines and home appliances for gaming will also play a role in social media: they will appear in entertainment content shared on LG’s online channels.

Starting in early 2023, consumers will be able to get these collectible toys at exclusive events and promotions.

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