Android 14 will now be able to display the battery status, similar to Apple devices – this is indicated by some new features in the beta version of the operating system.

iOS/iPadOS has been providing users with the ability to monitor their battery status for years — in fact, in the case of newer MacBooks, this thing is already available for laptops.

In the case of Android devices, however, there is still a way to do this, only with an application from a third-party developer – whose origin and reliability can often be questioned – it is possible to see the battery status in our area. The device is compared to the factory condition.

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The upcoming Android 14: Android researcher and journalist Meshal Rahman can make a difference in this field according to Because Google gives the operating system capabilities that allow access to information about the number of charge cycles and charge status. All of this appeared in the Android 14 beta, through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Among the latter there are also those that reveal information about the date of manufacture of the given device, the date of first use and the like, he writes GSMArena.

All this may also indicate that Google will natively integrate the ability to display information about the battery status in the final Android 14, so it will also be available in Settings, for example.

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