Scientists at Nanyang University of Technology (NTI) in Singapore have molded a durian peel into an antibacterial hydrogel pad, looking for ways to get rid of fruit waste.

In this process, the researchers extracted cellulose powder from the peel of the fruit after it was crushed and freeze-dried, that is, preserved by freeze-drying. Then it was mixed with glycerin. The resulting mixture becomes a fine hydrogel that is cut into dressings used for wound care.

“In Singapore, we consume about 12 million pieces of durian annually, and we eat their meat, but there is nothing we can do with their skin and seeds, and this causes environmental pollution,” explained Professor William Chen, Head of Food Science and Technology at the National Institute of Communications. a program. The peel of the plant makes up more than half of the durian, and it is usually discarded and burned.

[Megfejtették, hogy miért olyan büdös a durián]

According to Chen, technically usable food waste, such as soybeans or grains, can also reduce food waste in the country thanks to this method.

Unlike traditional wound dressings, a hydrogel dressing has the ability to cool the wound area and keep it moist, which may help speed up the healing process.

[Ez a gyümölcs olyan büdös, hogy mobilt lehet tölteni vele]

The researchers say it is more cost-effective to use food waste and yeast to make antibacterial dressings rather than making traditional dressings that have much more expensive metal, silver or rishn-derived antimicrobial properties.

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