Nearly half a year ago, it introduced its Apple chipset, the Apple M1, that dazzled the tech world in a number of ways. And according to the latest news, a sequel is coming soon.

It started M1 chipset Informally referred to as M2, i.e. this circuit will be available en masse in July, Nikki Asia. This could mean that these circuits, especially the MacBook Pro series, could be included in new MacBook models early in the fall.

The M1 processor made by TSMC was introduced last November in some computers (13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini) and this circuit is also included Advertise in days iMacbe and iPad 2021 experience, too. Chipset performance and battery efficiency are impressive, especially as a first attempt on an ARM-based processor for desktop computers. However – indicates 9to5Mac – These chipsets also have their limitations, which is why more professional users are looking to the sequel, the M2 Circle. They hope for better CPU and GPU performance than the latter, support for multiple Thunderbolt ports and at least two external displays.

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Nikkei Asia reports that the M2 will continue to integrate the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine on the same chip, but has not yet shared details about the chip’s specifications.

Apple announced last year that it will take roughly two years for the company to fully transition from Intel chips to its own circuits.

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