If you fear the aging of your eyes, you may want to consider your internal circadian rhythm, and circadian rhythm, according to a new study.

“Many biological processes are regulated by the circadian rhythm, which is controlled by our internal biological clock. According to American researchers, this rhythm also influences the aging of our eyes, or more precisely, paying more attention to this internal mechanism can cause Delays eye aging.

Specialists at Purdue University’s Faculty of Agriculture have studied the molecular mechanisms that cause age-related changes and the associated external and internal factors. Circadian rhythms have been found to play a larger than expected role in age-related changes in the retina.


Experts have studied vinegar eyes, which can also be considered a general model of the human eye, and have studied many genes in previous studies. Using powerful bioinformatics technology, they were able to identify changes in the activity of relevant transcription factors (proteins that bind to DNA or help express or inhibit genes). Explanation of researchers.

Two transcription factors (clock and cycle) that play a role in circadian rhythms have been found to show gradual changes in their activity with age. But they not only regulate circadian rhythms, but also play an important role in the perception of light by the retina. When the interaction between these two factors was disrupted, flies became more sensitive to light-dependent retinal degeneration and light-dependent increases in oxidative stress. All this suggests that disruption of the circadian rhythm in humans may be associated with the development of several age-related eye diseases.

While strong light helps us see better, it is ironic that our eyes need darkness to see better. The proteins involved in light perception are very sensitive and degrade during the day when exposed to light, but in the darkness of the night, basic pieces are reconstructed. The clock in our circadian rhythm manages this process, and the summary of the current research is that if this clock is disturbed, our eyes may be at increased risk of retinal degeneration with age.

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