Weather and wrong human decisions may be behind the disappearance of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle, rather than supernatural forces, says a researcher from the University of Sydney, who also provided arguments to justify his claim.

The Bermuda Triangle has been in the center of attention for a very long time: many claim – and believe – that the area on the Atlantic Ocean proves the existence of supernatural forces, but researchers approach the issue from a more rational point of view.

A researcher from the University of Sydney now claims he can provide plausible explanations for the Bermuda Triangle. Although there have been many disappearances in the area in recent years, according to Karl Kruszelnicki, the Bermuda Triangle area has about the same amount of missing planes and ships as anywhere in the world – especially when you add the amount of traffic that passes through the area.

In his view, the Triangle isn’t really that mysterious – he sees disappearances as usually caused by bad weather and bad decisions by humans, rather than giant sea creatures, supernatural forces, or even aliens.

Kruszelnicki prof in the mirror He cited a well-known disappearance as an example of human error: the 1945 incident in which five US Navy bombers disappeared without a trace near the Bermuda Triangle.

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The mystery of the case is fueled by the fact that the wreckage was never found, but the scientist drew attention to an important detail: Only one of the 14-man crew was a truly experienced pilot, who, according to his claim, was known. for his bad decisions and was also drunk on the day of the flight.

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However, that’s not all. According to Kruszelnicki, the weather was stormy with big seas on the day of the disappearance, and according to radio texts, the lead pilot and another pilot could not even agree on which route to take.

There was also a problem with navigation: Lieutenant Charles Taylor thought they were over the Florida Keys and that his compass had malfunctioned. He disagreed with a young pilot who directed planes east instead of west.

So it is possible that human error was behind the disappearance rather than supernatural events. a sample BGR He noted that due to bad weather and limited fuel, they ran into problems and crashed into the sea.

In the researcher’s words, the mysterious Triangle could shed new light, if only on the basis that there are no more disappearances than anywhere else in the world. The case of 1945 may seem like a combination of human error and inclement weather.

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