According to American researchers, one of the causes of aging has been found, and by interfering with this process, aging can be slowed down or even stopped.

Japanese researchers recently announced: After 28 years of research, they have finally succeeded in using Certain types are elegant They are called nematodes They sniff out pancreatic cancer. Others have also seen the potential in the animal, and it turns out that it can also help us stop aging.

Experimenting with nematodes, researchers from the American University in Washington showed that the light energy used to regenerate mitochondrial membranes was able to slow aging.

Mitochondria are found in eukaryotic cells and are the organelles involved in the production and storage of energy. In addition to its many essential functions, it also plays a vital role in cellular respiration.

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Nematodes are often used by scientists in aging research because their average lifespan is only two to three weeks. Because of this, you can get results relatively quickly. This time, the researchers sought to learn more about how mitochondrial dysfunction affects their aging and whether at least some of that decline can be stopped or reversed. The search results have been provided by nature aging Published in the scientific journal

“A decrease in mitochondrial membrane potential is an attractive explanation for the complex imbalances of aging. However, it is not clear whether a decrease in mitochondrial electrical potential is a cause or a consequence of cell aging. Interesting geometry.

The researchers were able to show that when mitochondrial membranes were swelled with light energy, this alone was enough to stop aging. Therefore, the lifespan of treated worms was longer than that of the control group.

According to the researchers, these results indicate that it is possible to directly reverse the age-related decline in mitochondrial effort, thus preventing the aging of the worms. The researchers are confident that this could be a good starting point for stopping human aging as well.

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