Researchers have been making changes to chicken embryos for years to give them the characteristics of a dinosaur. Either way, they were a huge success.

Two experts from Yale University and Harvard University, paleontologist and developmental biologist Bhart-Angan S. Bhular, and Arat Abzhanov, lead a research team that does a very interesting job: endowing chicken weeds with dinosaur characteristics. Interesting geometry.

The team essentially reverses or alters the development of individuals while inserting a small trait that was previously only a feature of primates into the embryos’ DNA. Thus, in 2015, the beak of the study subjects was changed to resemble a nose, similar to what was observed in Velociraptor and Archeopteryx.

The researchers are doing the work strictly from an evolutionary standpoint.

A year after reshaping the beak, another specialist, Joao Francisco Botelho, of the University of Chile, blocked the IHH gene, and also achieved significant results in chickens: it was able to modify the lower leg of individuals to have a growth characteristic characteristic of dinosaurs. This bony part is completely missing during development.

The whereabouts of the researchers are not known now, but it is known that the embryos were destroyed without exception.

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