The Russian president has not appeared in public for several days. Apparently not by chance.

According to information published on Telegram, Russian President Vladimir Putin has escaped underground. An anti-Kremlin channel published publications on this matter, according to which the first Russian man has been spending his days in a nuclear bunker in Siberia since Saturday.

Thursday eyelash It deals with the subject in great detail, and also shows the underground facility where Putin allegedly hanged himself. According to the article, the bunker is a real fortress, with a medical room, operating room, toilets and toilets. The facility is supplied with fresh oxygen through its own ventilation system, and everything is powered by a closed computer system.

According to press reports, the bunker is located in the resort of Jannah in the Altai Mountains, five floors underground. However, Putin also reportedly has hideouts in other places, such as Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula. However, the structure detailed above is very different from these: according to experts, it is as if an entire city was built underground.

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