You don’t have to be a developer to be able to test the new features of Google Maps ahead of time: all you have to do is fill out a form, and you can already install the initial version of Google Maps on your device, with many new features.

The software we use – and its new functionality – usually goes through a lengthy testing phase before it is released to all users. Practically all of the big tech companies offer some form of early access to their software, allowing us to try out new functionality, often announced early in development, before others have access to it. Apple and Microsoft are also famous for this, the operating systems and products of both companies can be tried beforehand.

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In addition to providing users with advance access, this is also beneficial for the developer, as they can receive feedback on any bugs that may appear.

Google also has the possibility to do a preliminary test – and therefore try new things – in the case of the map. However, this requires the trial version of the software to be installed.

The good news is that the company is helping out, too: There’s shareware specifically for mapping software, but only power users can take part in it. It is also expected that we will not only use the tested application, but also provide feedback on it, he writes Self-development.

However, life with beta software is not necessarily cloud-free: the user may encounter many errors, and it is not even excluded that some functions do not work – or that the entire program crashes. Even the latter can be useful comments for developers – moreover, all this is not legal, and of course the shareware can be flawless.

If you want to try the initial version of Google Maps, go for the first run Click here You have to fill out the Play Store registration form, after which the app will replace the stable version with the beta version on your phone – so you can’t use both versions at the same time. By definition, if you use the application for navigation on a daily basis and its stable operation is essential, do not enter the program, it may happen that the program crashes at the beginning of the way, and it will not be fixed until the next initial version arrives.

It may also be unusual for a beta program to receive more updates than a stable version. The reason for this is that developers are constantly experimenting with new functionality, as well as fixing bugs reported by users. This is why you may want to turn on automatic updates.

If we still do not want to participate in the beta test, we have two ways: the first is to install the stable version on the device, which replaces the beta version (in case the stable is already newer than the beta version – so you may have to wait a bit until we update the beta app ). However, the easiest solution is to simply delete the previous version from your device, after that Install the stable public version from the Play Store.

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