Users are the biggest losers in the legal battles between Apple and Epic Games after the successful Fortnite game was expelled from the App Store and then the Google Play Store as well. It’s still good that there are always vulnerabilities, now thanks to Microsoft, for example.

before Report it to usThat even though Fortnite has been taken out of the App Store and Google Play Store, there is still a way to play it on a smartphone via the Nvidia GeForce Now streaming platform. Now another loophole has been opened, as Microsoft has added the game to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which means that with a little ingenuity, Fortnite can make its way back to iPhones and iPads, and even androids, without the slightest trick.

But let’s stay on the iOS platform for now. Since it is an app that runs in the cloud, you don’t need to open the App Store, just type in Safari: The good news is: We can play Fortnite for free, with no subscription required. You can play either with a game controller or with a touch.

handle Play for free button and then Get ready to play opportunity. To play, we need to add the Xbox Cloud Gaming icon to our home screen as if it was just a separate app. You can do it very easily: click “Share” and then there Add to home screen to choose.

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Next, we need to click on the respective icon on the home screen and you can already play Epic Games. You must be logged in to start for the first time (sign in), which means you need to enter a Microsoft account. However, this does not mean that we have to be Xbox subscribers, multiple accounts can be selected (Skype, OneDrive, Office). If not, we need to create an account, which in turn is free.

On Android devices, you enter the game after entering the web address in the browser.

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