Asteroid Psyche 16 is believed to be full of precious metals, which is unusual.

In 2022, NASA will take a closer look at the asteroid Psyche 16, which is considered a flying gold mine. This is because it is assumed that space rocks are covered with precious metals, so their material is not provided by rocks or icy structures, as is the case with other similar objects, but, for example,

Iron, nickel, gold and platinum.

Psyche 16, which orbits around the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is also called a protoplanet because it is believed that the body may once have been an evolved planet. However, this process may have been interrupted by another orb that might have collided with the psyche.

The asteroid has been around for more than 170 years and was discovered by Neapolitan astronomer Annibal de Gasparis.

Due to the special configuration of Psyche 16, NASA has also received attention arousedHowever, it is not yet possible to study closely on a mission. Which is why it is important for researchers to launch a probe next year, he wrote the design.

According to the first calculations, the width of the NASA spacecraft could reach 266 kilometers in Saiki in 2026. The probe will then examine the object for several months, but there is no news yet on whether samples will be taken, for example. This is also growing because the asteroid could still be worth $10,000 quadrillion, according to conservative estimates. Even with a simple conversion, it can be said that this is an incomprehensible amount.

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