By reviewing data from NASA’s Magellan spacecraft, two American researchers have created a map showing all of the volcanoes on Venus that have been discovered so far.

NASA recently released a report indicating that there is an active volcano on the surface of Venus. Scientists have been interested in the planet for a long time, but new information came to light during an important data review that ended three decades ago. Now another interesting addition has been made in relation to the planet.

Paul Byrne and Rebecca Hahn, planetary researchers from American University in Washington, have created the first complete map of Venus based on data from NASA’s Magellan mission, which shows 85,000 volcanoes on the surface. The spacecraft orbited the planet between 1990 and 1994, and from the data it collected, NASA scientists obtained data indicating the presence of the aforementioned active volcano. IFLScience.


It has been reported that 99 percent of the volcanoes on Venus are less than 5 km in diameter. the JGR Planets According to a publication published in the Scientific Journal. “Experts believe that the material can greatly help scientists understand the processes occurring on the planet.

The figure of 85,000 must be seen in light of the fact that there are only estimates of the number of volcanoes on Earth, and the number of active formations on our planet is about 1,350. Since Venus is affected by completely different forces and processes on its surface than on our home, this figure is likely to be much higher there.

Researchers believe that there may be more than 85,000 volcanoes on the planet. A future NASA mission will find out if this is really the case if the organization sends a probe to the celestial body again.

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