Google is already developing a solution that detects when an app changes hands with a user's money. Ultimately, it will not be possible to install such fraudulent applications.

Financial fraud online and on Android devices is becoming more widespread – Global Anti-Fraud Alliance (GASA) 2023 meaning According to the survey, 78% of those who filled out their questionnaires had fallen victim to some type of scam in the previous year. In addition, 45% felt that the number of scams has increased over the past 12 months.

Google appears to be taking on the challenge to eliminate these issues, by building an additional new layer of protection into Android as part of its ongoing Play Protect.

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The new feature is being developed in partnership with the Cyber ​​Security Institute of Singapore (CSA) and will be tested with users as part of a pilot project – for now only in Singapore, he noted. Newen.

The issue is due to apps obtained from a source other than the Play Store, which the user can install on their device from an apk file. These come from different corners of the internet, and it's rare that the person sharing them is motivated by pure good intentions. Various tactics are known, and sometimes infected apps are disguised as real apps (for example, the Chrome browser, which actually appears to work), while other times the catchy phrase is a big promise about what the app in question can do.

However, it is recommended to install apps on your Android device only through the Play Store.

Google also focuses on applications that will be installed from external sources. When a user starts installing such a file, Play Protect starts looking for signs of fraud, and if it feels that the application is dangerous, it simply blocks it. And the installation fails – but Android informs the user why this happened.

There is no information yet on whether Google will expand this feature globally in the future, but as the number of scams around the world increases, the number of responses will also increase.

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