Ecosia has already helped plant more than 200 million trees with its search engine, and now it's taking root in new territory: more and more people are downloading their browser, which was released a few weeks ago.

At the end of April, Ecosia released its own browser, which users can find out mainly through its search engine. The company's search engine has made a name for itself by planting trees with a portion of its advertising revenue.

The Ecosia browser is available on all major platforms (macOS, Windows, Android, iOS) and holds no major surprises: it's based on the open source Chromium engine, so it's very similar to Google Chrome. The company is relying on this consciously, because according to their point of view, people would prefer to switch if the “experience” does not change radically – and this was confirmed by the company’s product manager, Michael Metcalf, in TechCrunch For your interest.

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Users are addicted to it It can be downloaded from here For a new program, this is clearly demonstrated not only by the fact that according to the general statistics of the Play Store, it has already exceeded 10 million downloads, but also by the fact that it has an average rating of 4.8 stars in both Android operating systems. App Store and iPhone App Store Browser.

What's new about Ecosia is that it's highly customizable, for example, you can turn off some of the changes it makes to the start screen. There is a tool that shows how many trees have been planted so far and how much money has been spent on them. There is also a way to import browsing data from other browsers.

The interface is basically similar to Chrome, but the default browser is Ecosia

Sponsored links are also embedded in the browser: by clicking on them, users find themselves in various online stores (Amazon, Aliexpress, Decathlon), and developers use the proceeds to plant trees and other green projects.

With this, Ecosia has committed to producing 25 kWh of clean energy per user per day.

Later plans include many improvements, for example, more customization options and an AI-powered chatbot will be introduced to the browser.

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