Kansas police sometimes have to deal with 250 emergency calls an hour that are made incorrectly.

It is now essential in smartwatches to be able to monitor the user’s sleep as well. Somewhat surprisingly, Apple has gone a long way in giving the Apple Watch this feature – Users had to wait until 2020 for this. Since then, it has been used by many, but now it turns out that it also has an undesirable benefit.

a Me more Reports suggest that users leaving the watch in their arms at night is a growing problem in the US as well. The problem, specifically, is that owners inadvertently call 911 through their watch, but in the middle of the night.

One of the features of the Apple Watch is that if someone presses and holds the button on it for a long time, the 911 call will start automatically. This allows the owner to seek help without becoming obvious to his environment.

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However, Kansas Police are complaining of getting more and more calls in the middle of the night – certainly because the clock has stopped in bed. According to the local call center, the thing now is that there are 250 wrong calls per hour, which is already a very serious problem, because this is how the resource is distributed.

[Wall Street Journal: Saját kórház megnyitásán gondolkodhat az Apple]

The solution might be to deactivate the emergency calls function for users, but that’s not ideal either, as if something goes wrong, they won’t be able to call fast enough.

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