The number of followers on the official Twitter account of the President of the United States will reach zero when Joe Biden is inaugurated as president. Additionally, accounts of the First Lady and the White House, among others, do the same.

Although the final result of the US presidential election has been known for a long time, Joe Biden's inauguration will not take place before January. The next president of the United States will not only inherit the duties, or the White House, from Donald Trump, but also the social media accounts associated with the office.

In this regard, Twitter said that the number of followers on the US President’s account (@POTUS) will be reset to zero upon Biden’s inauguration. The Twitter account currently has 33.2 million followers.

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The situation will be similar for profiles of the White House (26 million), the First Lady (@FLOTUS, 16.4 million) and the presidential press secretary (6.3 million). the Bloomberg According to Biden campaign followers, they are being redirected to the White House Twitter account. Twitter will also notify users that they are already following Joe Biden's presidential account and White House page.

By the way, Donald Trump used the official presidential Twitter channel relatively little, instead posting posts from his personal profile. This sometimes led to some very strange things.

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