According to researchers at the University of Illinois, how mobile a person is lies mostly in upbringing, not genes.

Researchers from the University of Illinois in the US found that men actually have a better ability to find their way than women, which may be due to differences in their upbringing, rather than some evolutionary advantage. Their study in this is a Royal Society Open Science It was published in the scientific journal

the new world Remember: Previous studies have shown that men perform slightly better on spatial navigation tasks than women. According to some researchers, the reason for this lies in evolution, because in prehistoric times, men usually traveled long distances to hunt, while women preferred to stay close to home. All of this has put selective pressure on men to be more informed.

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However, according to university colleague Justin Rhodes, if this is indeed the case, the relevant genes would likely be passed on to female offspring – unless the gene is linked to the Y chromosome. Instead, he says, what men and women experience plays a role. This might be the case, for example, if boys were encouraged to play outdoors much more than girls.

During the study, Rhodes and his colleagues collected data from a total of 21 species, including humans, that revealed their ability to move around, as well as the average distance they traveled from their habitat.

According to experts, if evolution played a role in developing the ability, those species that move farther from their habitat should have better orientation skills. This should be a characteristic of all species.

Instead, the team found that males were slightly more knowledgeable than females in the species they studied, although in some species, such as the crayfish (Faxonius rusticus) and a type of frog (Oophaga sylvatica), this was characteristic of the females.

The results suggest that differences between women and men in this regard may be of cultural origin. This is confirmed by the above Stady There is also no difference between the orientation ability of women and men who receive the same upbringing.

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