OpenAI is jointly developing a humanoid robot with a company called Figure, for which a new presentation video has just been released.

Elon Musk has not liked OpenAI, a company that develops artificial intelligence, since he left, and his opinion is unlikely to change now. A new video has been released about the Shape 01 robot, which is being developed by Shape Company in collaboration with OpenAI. This device, called Figure 01, unexpectedly outperforms Tesla's robot, Optimus.

In the recording, a person asks the robot what it sees on the table. Figure 01 lists what is in front of him, including the man himself who has his hand on the table. The tester then asks the machine to give him something to eat, and the robot hands him the apple. After placing the garbage can in front of Figure 01 and asking him to explain why he handed over the apple from the table while picking up the garbage, the robot performs this complex task very flexibly.

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Finally, the robot also handles the used dishes in front of it: it places the plate and glass in the dripper without any special problems.

Although Tesla presented its device called Optimus in 2021 with high hopes and promises, the robot has not shown anything impressive to this day. Although it is already capable of sorting cubes and doing yoga, as well as folding clothes, it turns out that the unit is not completely autonomous when it comes to this last ability. Elon Musk himself admitted this, but if we take a closer look at the video, we can see that the robot imitates a series of movements performed by a human. It is worth paying attention to the lower right corner of the screen.

Figure 01 uses no tricks, and the machine is not controlled remotely, Brett Adcock, co-founder of Figure, confirmed.

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