Starting with Chrome version 114, Google allows content to be displayed in the browser so that the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen does not overlap.

Back in 2019, Google included in Android the ability to make the navigation bar below apps transparent. Thanks to this, more content can appear on the screen, but not many developers have taken advantage of this opportunity yet. Not even Google itself, for example, had the navigation bar at the bottom of the Chrome browser appear the same way. However, this is about to change.

the Android Police He says, after installing Chrome version 114, users can select if they want the browser to display the visited website in full screen mode with a transparent navigation bar. If yes then chrome:#DrawEdgeToEdge flags Called setup and then restarted the browser.

The page notes that if someone uses three-button navigation, the setting won’t work. Perhaps the reason for this is that the content and elements required to navigate the system will be better separated.

In the version of Chrome presented for iPhone and iPad, full screen mode has been available for a long time, just like in the Safari browser itself.

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