In no time you can pin any website to the home screen of your Android phone, and it will work like regular apps. The innovation is already being tested.

Android Chrome browser will soon get a useful innovation. The functionality will be similar to the Progressive Web App functionality for iPhones (which was almost eliminated in the EU recently), which allows you to carve some type of app from almost any website.

the MSPoweruser Notes: The Chrome desktop browser recently gained a similar capability. In this sense, it would make sense that it would reach the Android version soon, and according to signs, that will be the case: it has already appeared in the initial release, the Canary version.

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This function replaces the previous “Add to Home Screen” option, and instead there will be an “Install App” option in the menu. It is important that the application can only be installed from the home page of the page in this way – for example, if it is on the front page in the case of If a specific article is open, the option will not work.

After installation, web pages work like native applications on the home screen, that is, they do not open in the browser, but like any other application.

So far, there's no word on when the functionality might appear in the general Chrome browser, and whether websites that act as apps, similar to Apple's solution, will be able to send notifications to users in this case.

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