Roll-up iPhone is likely to become a reality, as Apple is filing more and more patents to deal with it.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have released foldable smartphones – one of the most famous examples of this is the Samsung Galaxy Fold series – but Apple is staggering away from this, and not a single such device has been presented yet.

The company may have blinked in a different direction, information about this has already arrived in the form of patents – this is nothing more than a kind of folding phone.

The latest, that is Apple Insider spotted before Patented She also suggests this idea, describing “electronic devices with wrap-around displays”. This is exactly what it looks like, even if it looks very unusual: upon unfolding it we will be faced with a normal screen, which can then be folded for storage, although a coiled device resembling a cocoa snail would certainly look interesting.

According to Apple’s idea, the screen can contain a part with pixels, which are responsible for displaying the image, and a transparent protective layer covering the part with pixels.

This clear protective film is also special in that it can also have a layer of glass on it, which can be thin on the foldable part, so it can be easy to roll.

In the patent, Apple explains how it will attempt to solve a screen that folds to a certain degree and how it will avoid screen damage — but they don’t go into detail.

Put layers on display.


Therefore, the company is actively considering how it can refresh its devices — it’s not known which products will be tested with the foldable display, but there’s a good chance that the iPhone will be the one to take over.

However, at this point, it is just an idea, and it is not certain that it will come to fruition.

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