The new Sims game will be very similar to its predecessor, and EA has also revealed whether it will continue working on Sims 4 after its release.

We rarely hear these days: the next episode of the popular Sims life Simulator video game will be free – not only to download, but also the gameplay itself will be free of in-app purchases (IAP) and will not even require a subscription, according to developer EA.

The new version, running under the codename Project Rene, will exist alongside The Sims 4, which has also been free-to-play since last year, so it will continue to be available as well.

If we have questions about the business acumen of the developers, saying that there is no free lunch, the game developers have an answer for this: they will offer different unique content and packages, which may also be familiar to The Sims 4.

New Sims game details.


However, there will be some changes in the new game: as EA wrote, for example, the “basic” weather will be free for everyone, but in the future it will be possible to make it wintery with a purchasable package, and with it you will also be able to do typical winter activities, such as Build a snowman.

EA – writes A the edge – It also covers the future of Sims 4, which will not be discontinued with the arrival of the new game, and will also be supported in addition to the new game.

It is not yet known when the new version might appear, but perhaps not recently: as EA wrote, it is still “in the early stages of development.”

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