The confirmed lack of dark matter was identified by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in an extremely vast galaxy.

The distance to the galaxy NGC1052-DF2 (DF2) has been determined more precisely than ever before by an international research team led by Zile Shen and Peter van Dokkum, researchers at Yale University, and Shani Daniele, a NASA fellow. Accurate determination of the distance, Danieli said, is crucial in estimating the physical properties of the galaxy and thus in determining the absence of dark matter.

The Astrophysical Journal Letters Presented in the scientific journal a study Based on data from 40 orbits made by the Hubble Space Telescope. The results detailed in the journal confirm this Research results of researchers for the year 2018. “I think people have rightly wondered, because it’s a very unusual result. It would be nice to have a simple explanation, like a poorly measured distance. But I think it’s much more interesting and interesting that it’s a really strange galaxy,” said Fan. Dr.

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Much of the universe consists of mysterious dark matter that researchers have not yet been able to prove directly, and only indirect evidence of its existence has been found. This material supposedly holds galaxies together that would practically diverge due to their rotational motion: it gives them extra mass. Dark matter is probably five times more common than ordinary matter, but it does not emit detectable light or radiation, and only its own gravitational effect can be detected. Researchers say they make up 27% of the universe.

There is no good explanation for how and why there is no dark matter in the galaxy NGC1052-DF2 in the northern constellation Cet.

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