Receipts from the hijacked cash registers are circulating on Reddit. Cybercriminals do not rewrite the prices, they leave them in short messages. For example, about not having anyone work for so much money that you think is scarce.

Cybercriminals can attack an organization or company for a number of reasons, not just to ride on money. For example, the team was now targeting cash registers to write letters on the receipts they come out of. The Engadget According to the texts, there is almost the same thing: if a person thinks that he is earning little, then give up and find another job.

This phenomenon was first described in vice He noted, adding that many thought it was just a teaser that went well, like a photo editor. Since then, this phenomenon has turned out to be very real – and more people have encountered it since then. Already on Reddit also collected Some pictures of hacked receipts and messages on them. For example, he wrote that no one should enter with little money.

The hackers allegedly attack via a port left open, otherwise they use more than 25 different servers to generate messages. Experts added that printers and other devices connected to the Internet are known to pose high risks, especially if they are misconfigured.

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