In the latest version of Gmail, you can now reply to incoming emails as if you were talking to the sender.

If you regularly use Gmail on your Android device, then you may already be used to how to quickly respond to your inbox. To do this, simply tap the reply button icon at the top of the message and you can start typing the text. It wasn't too complicated until now, but now the Google development team has simplified it even more.

X-User AssembledeBug was the first to point out that Google has made some tweaks to Gmail on Android, changing the way you reply to mails.

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The development has now been rolled out to everyone in the Gmail app. As a result, a text entry field appeared at the bottom of the screen, where one could type the answer, and then submit it by clicking on the icon that appears to the right of the field.

Thus, it is now possible to communicate in a chat manner which is accessible to more people than by email. (If there is an attachment, it should be added in the usual way.)

The novelty is available in the latest version of the Gmail app, which is In the Play Store Can be downloaded/updated.

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