Why would anyone build conventional wind turbines when there is a more efficient and cheaper solution? – That was the question asked the other day by someone from Kitecraft.

according to Interesting geometry Compilation. The paper also mentions two companies that do more than just experiment. In other words: they have already succeeded in extracting electricity from the sky and the wind.

The two companies – Kitecraft and KiteMill – use fan-driven devices that are sent into the air, which are connected to a ground unit and a generator, respectively. The connection is provided not by a straight cable, but by a solution made of braided polyethylene fibers. The generated energy is fed into the electrical network by the generator. If for some reason the plane must be brought in, this can be done with a winch attached to the ground station. In Skysails Group, for example:

According to many companies, the development, which is also called a wind-turbine, has incredible advantages, since its implementation is much cheaper, autonomous (because it works on its own) and, in principle, completely safe. However, the issue of noise pollution needs to be clarified, because the amount of energy produced depends largely on the number of these devices flying there. As for the weather: According to experts, the problem of power generation can be solved even in rain and unusually warm weather.

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However, for now, the technology will certainly not replace conventional wind turbines, even if their construction requires much larger investments. Regardless, the results of private kites are getting better and better, and this is also confirmed by experiments: for example, the two companies mentioned above can produce 5.5 kW of power in less than an hour of operation – just by flying.

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A German company that makes flying wind turbines, they claim they come in at half as many


According to German start-up Kitekraft, operating the turbines is also more environmentally friendly, because they do not have to be transported by road.

It is planned to build a wind farm larger than the Eiffel Tower that, if introduced, could supply 80,000 homes with electricity