The bickering between Apple and Epic has been going on for nearly half a decade, and has not subsided even after the iOS operating system that runs on iPhones has seemingly shifted to a more open model.

The EU also wants to know why Apple banned the Epic Games developer account and whether the move contravenes new laws, the EU wrote. Bloomberg.

As you know, Epic Games, which also developed Fortnite, and Apple had a good relationship with each other, but this suddenly changed in 2020: Epic bypassed Apple's commission payment system, thus bypassing the company's rules. Apple immediately kicked the game's developer from the App Store, along with all titles. The case led to a serious lawsuit.

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However, as a result of EU legislation on digital markets, Apple is opening up iOS, making way for app stores and alternative payment systems – Epic signed up for this too, Apple accepted it, and a month later, within a few days, the company Your Epic developer account has been disabled unexpectedly.

The exact reasons are unknown, but this marks the beginning of another clash of swords between the two companies, which may have something to do with the fact that Epic has criticized Apple's DMA changes several times recently. However, based on the statements, Apple no longer trusts Epic in any way, but that feeling is at least mutual: As mentioned earlier, Epic also doesn't trust that Apple really wants to compete with DMA. Vicious circle.

However, the European Union will not leave it at that and will question Apple over the Epic account ban.

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