Researchers in the UK say it is absolutely necessary to give a booster dose.

Is there a return to “normality” due to vaccinations? Absolutely: What is the “new” normal? we travel? Are we on vacation? Polynic? Are we going to the theater and concert? How threatening are the various mutations in the virus? Should we be afraid of the fourth or fifth wave, or several waves? In our article series, you will find everything you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic.

It is now clear that a booster dose will be needed in the future to protect against the coronavirus. So researchers in the UK tried to find an answer for when the effect of already obtained vaccines begins to weaken.

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a Reuters According to the report, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have shown that their effectiveness begins to decline within six months of receiving a two-dose vaccine. All this confirms the previous finding that the body will need booster vaccines.

Experts say Pfizer’s effectiveness drops from 88 to 74 percent after 5-6 months of the second dose, while AstraZeneca offers only 67 percent protection instead of 77 after 4-5 months. The research used self-reported data from 1 million people: data from vaccinated but infected people were compared to a control group of unvaccinated people.

Experts note that the study mostly included data from older adults, so the above loss of efficacy may differ for younger vaccines.

Tim Spector, head of research at ZEO, spoke of the worst-case scenario that protections for older adults and vaccinated health workers could drop below 50 percent by winter. All this means that booster vaccinations should be arranged as soon as possible.

At the same time, this is exactly what the WHO does not want yet. According to the World Health Organization, the third vaccination should not be given in developed countries until most of the world has received it. In Budapest, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke of the fact that 75 per cent of the 4.5 billion doses of the vaccine given worldwide have been given in 10 countries, while only 2 per cent of people across Africa are vaccinated. This happened despite the fact that many countries also have funds for vaccines, but do not have access to them anyway. Therefore, in cases that are not explicitly justified for health reasons, Gebresus stops giving the third vaccine for two months to give the others at least a month or two. The efficacy of booster vaccination has not been proven, according to Gebresus.

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