Since Wednesday afternoon, the specialists have been experiencing an IT issue with the system that processes Spar card transactions.

It is not always possible to use a bank, credit card or even a SuperShop loyalty card in Spar stores. Our editors’ experience with customer service for the supermarket chain is confirmed, adding that the problem is nationwide.

According to customer service, card payments “get stuck”, so there are times when it works. On the other hand, one of our readers at Békéscsaba,, has tried at a Spar in Zugló that no one is even allowed to try, they announce in advance in front of the cash registers that they can only pay with cash.

We will update our article if the bug is fixed or if there is a new development on the matter.

Spar responded to our news, and Communications Director Mark Mazelka confirmed that they are already working to eliminate the problem that was caused by the optical backbone network rupture.

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