The programs are officially used to screen unqualified applicants based on resumes. On the other hand, the systems work superficially and also consider it a flaw, which may not be the case.

comprehensive report made Harvard Business School focuses on programs used across America and used by companies to expedite the review of resumes, screening unsuitable applicants. However, there are some of these programs that do their job very rigorously, so you may end up turning down those who would be a good fit for the job being advertised.

About the phenomenon the edge The summary, stressing that appeal filters used by US companies are very common: About 75 percent of US employers use something like this. The software came into use as early as the mid-1990s, when print resumes until then were replaced by digitally submitted versions.

However, the proliferation of programs has facilitated not only the evaluation of applications, but also the rejection of applicants.

The reason for the latter is that some programs operate to an overly simplistic standard. For example, some schemes automatically reject applicants who have requested a six-month “break” while they are working without asking the reason for the absence. However, longer absences could be due to pregnancy or caring for a sick family member. However, the system is not interested in this.

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One of the study’s authors, Joseph Miller, also noted that some programs sought programming experience on a resume when an organization introduced computer literacy as a requirement. However, during the specific work, the data had to be entered only into the system used by the company. This means that there was no question about programming.

The study’s authors concluded that systems that operate too rigorously could turn away millions of Americans, even though they might be very fit for the job.

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