Due to concerns about the delta variant of the coronavirus, Apple will only allow office work early next year instead of October.

Deirdre O’Brian, chief human resources officer, sent an email to the US company’s employees that they can return to offices for work in January next year at the earliest. At the same time, the director urged colleagues to vaccinate themselves.

Previous plans even suggested that October might be the start date for office work. Obviously, the reason is that the delta type of virus is spreading at a rapid rate in the United States as well. And in June, workers were due to return to work three days a week from September.

It has also pushed several major US tech companies – including Amazon and Facebook – to open offices to employees through January.

Apple was among the first US companies to switch to the home office last year. Its stores have also closed their doors in several parts of the United States. Since then, sales units have gradually reopened and all specialty stores have opened in the United States since March. In nearly half of its stores, it has required its employees to wear a mask, and in other stores has announced that it is highly recommended.

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