A small device is not just going to be a small device.

It’s been a few weeks since then Apple introduced iPhone 13But rumors are already circulating about what the upcoming iPhone 14 might look like in 2022 More news can already be readThere is already some information circulating that Apple will change the offer.

a GSMArena He writes that because the iPhone 12 mini did not meet the expected sales figures, Apple is after the iPhone 13 mini – whose camera system would otherwise work it went well It no longer launches similar programs. Instead, replace it with a much larger device.

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It is believed that most small businesses who refuse to digitize are bored because business articles have been wanting them to talk for years to do what they don’t want and turn their daily lives upside down. However, even in 2021, you do not have to knock on the door with a pair of feet – in our article, we will look at what is now mandatory to intervene in the work, what is the advantage rather than the expectation, and what can be the icing on a digital cake.

The newspaper was informed that the new device in question could be the iPhone 14 Max – it’s just a nickname for now, but We’ve heard about it before – which can get you a screen size of 6.7 inches, which is the size expected from the Pro Max model. Additionally, the smaller 6.1-inch iPhone 14 configuration can be placed inside the device. That is, you are likely to have a large phone with a less powerful camera system, and possibly less RAM and storage space.

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By the way, John Prosser, better known as the leaker, also talks about this in his latest video. For more details, go to 6:30.

However, that doesn’t mean Apple won’t be making small iPhones anymore. There is the iPhone SE, for example, which is still a popular product, and if the company changes it a little – a smaller frame, a larger screen – it may already be smaller than it. It certainly won’t pack the best camera system and the latest hardware, but in return – compared to other models – it will be cheap.

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