There is a little known settings menu in the Android operating system, through which you can change several things on the device. One of these items can be used to speed up the phone nicely.

When you change your phone, the first time you set up the new phone, the device is noticeably faster than the one you used before. However, no matter how advanced the device is, sooner or later the moment will come when the user feels as if the device software is just being pulled. However, there is a lesser-known trick that can speed up your device instantly.

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All you have to do is open SettingsIn, then a phone number option, then a Software dataTo find the section where you can see what the operating system looks like BuildsYes, it works on mobile. You should click on it, but at first it may seem that nothing happens. This is because with this a Developer optionsWe want to call it, which – given its name – is a word for developers. For this to actually happen, you need to touch the Build option a few more times: the information on the screen tells you exactly how many times.

If the last click was made, you have to return to Settings menu, where swiping to the bottom of the screen will reveal Developer options option.

By clicking on this, you can see a very long list, where the buttons are not really worth modifying in this way – since this section is intended for developers. Instead, you have to scroll until you can see the change in animation speed. Several options can be adjusted here: window, transition, and overall animation speed.

By clicking on them, it is useful to change the speed of each from 1x to 0.5x, because the smaller this number is, the faster the animation will be. If necessary, it can also be turned off, in which case the mobile phone will move from one window to another without animation.

The way the above settings can be accessed may vary from one mobile phone to another, keeping in mind that manufacturers offer their own custom UI for Android. We tried the solution on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

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If the description is not sufficient, a Znet His video also succinctly summarizes exactly what to do.

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