The website will no longer have access to your camera, and Google Chrome will automatically revoke these permissions. The innovation is already being tested.

Chrome is constantly being developed by Google, for example a few days ago it was revealed that a new feature will not require you to constantly enter your personal data on every interface – Chrome will be able to automatically fill it from your Android wallet.

And now there’s news of another feature being tested, this time focusing on security. An X user named Leopeva noticed a simple, but more important new feature in the Chrome for Android preview: it revokes permissions for websites that the user hasn’t visited in a long time, he wrote. Robot Police.

When you open many websites, they ask you for permission for a number of things: your location, or use of the camera and microphone, etc. With the new feature, you can set Chrome to automatically revoke these permissions from the website after a certain period of time. It may happen that a website falls into unauthorized hands in the meantime, and it would be unfortunate if malicious parties were able to access the device’s camera.

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This feature has been available in the desktop version of Chrome for some time, but Google has yet to release it for mobile — at least for Android. It looks like that could change soon — as its appearance in the Canary build suggests that its development is already nearing the finish line.

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